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Administrator's Corner

A Note From the Administrator

Because of our concern for the individual development of children, it may become necessary in rare instances to terminate services when it becomes obvious that a child no longer benefits from our program.  This makes every effort to help place that a child in a more appropriate setting that he/she may continue to grow and develop according to their most immediate needs.

Termination may also be caused by, but not limited to:

Excessive absenteeism, Excessive tardiness (both dropping off and picking up), Use of profanity, Use or threatening actions, Disrespect for facility, teachers, etc.

In this event, all personal items/belongings (clothing, blankets, etc.) must be picked up from the Center within one week of the last day attendance.  Any items not picked up will be dispose of properly at the discretion of   TOTally Kids Learning Center.

There is an open door policy, Parents may schedule an appointment, call or email for concerns and/or complaints.

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